Who We Are

Eagle Industrial Plant Services provides high-quality repair and maintenance work in the petrochemical industry.  We specialize in tower internals installation, civil foundation, pipe fabrication, structural support work, demolition, field installation, heaters, boilers and specialty welding.  Eagle can help minimize your risk and get your job completed accurately and within budget.

With more than 75 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Eagle has earned a reputation for meeting deadlines with high-quality results.  Our professional teams provide customers efficient turnarounds under some of the most difficult conditions with one of the highest safety records in our industry.

We Are Eagle

Safety is our number one priority.  Safety records achieved by our team of dedicated employees exceeds the industry. Each day, we confirm our pledge to maintain a perfect record with no recordable accidents.

Eagle conducts a series of safety training programs, demonstrating our commitment to providing customers with a knowledgeable work force capable of operating safely and effectively in any situation.  The true test of our safety program is our customers’ satisfaction with our safety performance on the job.  The repeat business we receive from satisfied customer is our highest reward.

Our Mission

Eagle provides safe quality construction and mechanical services at a competitive price.  Through our team’s innovation, efficiency and our spirt, we strive to satisfy all our customers.

Our Vision

To be the best specialty construction company in the industry.

Our Values

We value our word as our commitment.  Our customers and their goals make our company strive and move forward to accomplish our customer’s project safe, on schedule, and on budget.

Our Promise

Eagle is confident we can meet your needs efficiently and safely.  Whether your next project is a major piping or tower turnaround, or a simple mist eliminator replacement.